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...celebrating two decades of helping Manufacturers, Product Designers and Engineers

A partial list industries we have worked in:

Industrial Equipment
oil & gas equipment, bearings, tool & die, compressors, gears, tanks, valves, pipes, blowers, fans, furnaces...
Building products
doors, windows, stairs, sunrooms, shutters, trusses, elevators, screens, cabinets, joists...
forming, beams, columns, sound walls, footings, pre-fab buildings, bridges...
Heavy Equipment
inflatable boats, forklifts, trailers, loaders, wheels & tires, buckets, cranes, hoists, conveyors, elevators...
Specialty Equipment
refridgeration, medical devices, instrumentation, gas plants, bicycle racks...
structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical...
Our mission:
to eliminate any problems you have in selling, configuring and designing your products.

We will help you implement Configuration technology in your company. Whether you're looking for solutions, building your own from scratch, or using our software, we are here to help.

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... Quantara's product configurator. ParaGrafix can be easily customized to create a desktop sales and product configuration solution that meets your needs 100%.

- parametric graphics
- custom graphical user interfaces
- rules & logic - any complexity
- engineering calculations
- no-mistake pricing
- bills of material - multilevel
- routings / operations
- complete shop documentation
- bar coding
- optimization
- cut lists
- open interfaces to other systems
- quote management

No matter how complex your products are, Quantara and ParaGrafix can do the job.

Quantara solutions can be used to quickly and easily configure just about any product.

"It used to take us 2 weeks to quote our conveyor systems. We now get it done by morning coffee break."
- Mark Z. Minnesota.

"We were plagued by an high percentage of orders sent back to us - mistakes in pricing, and bills of material and mismatched packing lists. With our Configurator, the percent is now zero."
- Jim P. Ohio

Contact us:

"You sold them too many frambulators on the Z12 model - AGAIN! And they were the wrong type! Why don't we have a configurator?"

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