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"The ParaGrafix tools allow our sales force to complete our product configuration process - something impossible for them to do before. By streamlining engineering and automating the work order process using ParaGrafix we save a huge amount of time and money."
- C.P. Denver

"Sales configuration systems are one of the hottest, highest return on investment technology-enabled selling applications."
- The Gartner Group.

Our mission: to eliminate any problems you have in selling, configuring and designing your products.

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... Quantara's industry-leading product configurator. ParaGrafix can be easily customized to create a desktop sales and product configuration solution that meets your needs 100%.

- parametric graphics
- custom graphical user interfaces
- rules & logic - any complexity
- engineering calculations
- no-mistake pricing
- bills of material - multilevel
- routings / operations
- complete shop documentation
- bar coding
- optimization
- cut lists
- open interfaces to other systems
- quote management

... its all there! No matter how complex your products are, ParaGrafix can do the job.

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... Quantara's Internet configuration server technologies. Take the desktop system you created with ParaGrafix and put it on your web server or ours. Now your customers, distributors, or sales staff can do their own quoting of your products over the web!

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Software from Quantara is fast, easy to use and provides a tremendous return on investment. Contact us for more information, evaluation of your needs, or our "try before you buy" programs.
Quantara software can be used to quickly and easily configure just about any product.

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Here is a partial list of ParaGrafix applications:
  • Industrial Equipment: oil & gas equipment, bearings, tool & die, compressors, gears, tanks, valves, pipes, blowers, fans, furnaces...
  • Building products: doors, windows, stairs, sunrooms, shutters, trusses, elevators, screens, cabinets, joists...
  • Construction: forming, beams, columns, sound walls, footings, pre-fab buildings, bridges...
  • Heavy Equipment: inflatable boats, forklifts, trailers, loaders, wheels & tires, buckets, cranes, hoists, conveyors, elevators...
  • Specialty Equipment: refridgeration, medical devices, instrumentation, gas plants, bicycle racks...
  • Engineering: structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical...

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